Your resource for treadmill ratings

We have collected all of the best information and reviews on treadmill ratings right here for your access.  Whether you are looking for treadmill ratings or reviews of other exercise equipment that you can use right in your own home, we can direct you to all of the information that is readily available right here on the web.
When you are considering purchasing a piece of equipment for your exercise room, and you look at treadmill ratings, there are a few key things to pay attention to.  You will want to look at durability, size and storage, weight, materials, and other features like various programs and speeds.  Think about your purchase as an investment that you might otherwise spend on the gym membership.
The most important thing to look for when looking at treadmill ratings, is to make sure they are from an unbiased source and not the manufacturer.  Many times, a manufacturer will review its own products, and you may be buying something that is really a piece of junk.  Look for customer reviews or consumer reports that you can trust.  You may be spending a lot of money on your health, and you will want to make sure you are getting the best deal.

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