vitamin water

If you are one of those people who hate to take a lot of vitamin or pills everyday, then vitamin water might be perfect for you.  You can find many brands and varieties of vitamin water on the market today, fortified and enriched with up to the recommended daily allowance of vitamins like vitamin C.
Many larges companies are capitalizing on the consumption of bottled water by marketing vitamin water and other thirst quenching waters and re-hydration drinks.  Drinking vitamin rich waters are much more healthy for your body that drinking coffees, teas or soft drinks. 
The days of plain, tasteless water are gone.  Now, with flavored vitamin water you can relieve your thirst, hydrate your body, and supply essential vitamins and minerals to your organs all with a few gulps.  Many waters enriched with vitamins come in flavors like peach mango or lemon lime.  If you are looking for the popular name brand of Vitamin Water from Glaceau, you are sure to find a delicious flavor that comes with nutrients you are looking for!

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