Visit Standard Process for one of the best vitamin manufacturers in the world.

With so many vitamin manufacturers selling products on the market today, it is hard to decide which is right for you.  You might want to consult naturopaths, friends or family about their preferred choice of supplements, or ask your doctor or nutritionist.  Most vitamin manufacturers today have websites that you can gain useful information about their manufacturing practices and scientific research in the field of nutrition.
Some of the most popular vitamin manufacturers include Standard Process, Country Life, GNC, Usana, Solgar, Sundown and The Vitamin Shoppe.  Because dietary supplements are not prescribed medications, companies do not have to have FDA approval of their products.  Beware of any supplement that claims a quick fix or miracle and only 100% natural supplements.
If you are concerned about certain vitamin manufacturers, you can also do a bit of research on the Better Business Bureau site to find out if the company has any customer complaints or synthetic chemical lawsuits.  Educating yourself about the various types of natural supplements and how they are made is a crucial step in taking care of your nutrition. You may have a health care practitioner that recommends a certain brand as well, suited best for your body and particular diet needs. 

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