A great way to get your full nutrition is healthy foods and natural supplements

If you are one of the many people who believe in a healthy mind and body, you probably take supplements in addition to your regular diet.  Choosing the right supplements can be confusing and difficult, especially with so many products on the market to consider.
To begin knowing which supplements to purchase, first sit down and make a list of all the foods that you normally eat everyday.  Search for information on which vitamins you are getting the recommended daily allowance of by looking at food charts which tell you how much vitamin nutrition is in your foods.  Next, consider taking vitamins that you may be lacking, to avoid a vitamin deficiency.
Also, you will want to research not only vitamins, but also other nutritional supplements and herbal remedies.  You might want to research the known benefits of different types of herbs, and check out the most popular brands to see how the herbs and formulas are manufactured.  If you are looking to avoid synthetic combinations, look for liquid vitamins or other whole food products.

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