natural vitamins for hair

If you want healthy, shiny, beautiful hair, and you currently suffer from dry, brittle hair with split ends, you may be lacking in essential vitamins for hair.  Many hair care products, shampoos and conditioners contain vitamins for hair, but you may want to supplement them with a daily regimen of vitamins and vitamin-rich foods.
To build healthy hair follicles and promote hair growth, you will want vitamins for hair that contain ingredients like niacin, pantothenic acid, iodine, vitamin B-12, biotin and folic acid, to name a few.  Although you hair is made up of non-living tissue, it is made of a protein called keratin, and needs a healthy supply of blood to your hair follicles for proper growth.
Fatty acids are essential, as well as amino acids for healthy hair growth.  Many vitamins for hair are helpful in keeping your hair follicles strong and avoiding hair loss. Vitamin B and biotin will strengthen the hair and keep the scalp conditioned.  A deficiency in vitamin A may cause a flaky scalp, or too much of it may cause hair loss.  Ask your doctor if you are missing any nutrients in your diet, and talk to your hair stylist about products that will nourish your hair.

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