For extra lean muscle try protein supplements

If you are looking to create a strict workout routine and you want to build muscle mass and strong physique, you will probably want to add protein supplements to your diet.  Because it is not always easy to get enough protein from diet alone, you may want to take protein supplements to compensate.
When you are actively exercising, you will need more protein than the passive person.  Deciding on which protein supplements are right for you can be tricky.  Protein rich foods like chicken and tuna are great to supplement your diet, but you might not always have the time to be eating, especially if you are busy sweating and burning fat at the gym!
When considering protein supplements, you can choose from powders, shakes, and bars.  Many protein bars are very popular in health clubs today as they are easy to eat on the go and you can fit them into your gym bag.  Make sure you are drinking plenty of fluids when taking any protein supplement, as there is a danger of dehydration.  Ask your fitness trainer or nutritionist what you should be taking, specific to your age, activity level, and caloric intake.

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