Research ephedra supplements before you take them

If you are thinking of buying ephedra supplements, you should look to recent research on the dangers associated with ephedra supplements.  Ephedra, also known as Ma huang, is a naturally occurring substance that comes from plants.  The active ingredient is ephedrine, which can be synthesized into a drug.
You may have seen many ephedra supplements claiming that they will increase your energy, help you to lose weight fast, and will improve your athletic performance.  After extensive research, the Federal Drug Administration found products containing ephedra have been proven to increase heart rate and blood pressure, causing heart ailments and strokes.
To protect yourself against the dangers of ephedra supplements, check the labels of your supplements to make sure they do not contain ephedra or Ma huang.  If you are looking for ways to increase your energy levels or to lose weight, consider other dietary supplements and vitamins or change your eating habits.  A healthy level of exercise will also boost your energy and give you peace of mind.  Always ask your doctor what regiments might be right for you if you are considering losing a lot of weight.

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