To compliment the raw food diet consider dog omega supplements

Most pet owners will agree that their animals are part of the family.  As we all want to take care of our own health, we probably also want to care for our best friends by giving them dog omega supplements.  Your pet will feel so much healthier after a regular diet including dog omega supplements. 
Happy customers like Rover and Spot will agree that dog omega supplements give them a healthy, shiny coat.  Your pets will also benefit from omega-3 fatty acids and omega-6 fatty acids in their diets.  The essential role of fatty acids is often overlooked when it comes to a pet’s diet.
If you are worried if your pet is not getting enough fatty acids, look at its coat.  Is the skin dry and flaky?  Is the coat greasy and dull?  Check to see if the food you are feeding your dog is enriched with fatty acids, and if not, consider giving it dog omega supplements.  Because dogs cannot produce Omega-6 in their bodies, it is essential that they get it from their raw food.  Benefits of a pet diet rich in omega oils include a healthy coat, lower blood pressure, and healthy skin.

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