What are vitamin k foods

If you are concerned about your daily intake of vitamin K, you might want to consider eating vitamin k foods or taking a supplement.  The vitamin k foods with the highest amount are leafy green vegetables like broccoli or spinach.  You can also find the vitamin in cereals and grains, and in small amounts in meat and dairy foods.
You don’t necessarily have to eat vitamin k foods to get the vitamin, as our bodies also create the vitamin naturally through the production of bacteria in our stomachs.  Vitamin k is a fat-soluble vitamin, which means that it is stored in the liver for future use and is not a necessary vitamin for daily intake.
You might want to increase eating vitamin k foods if you are interested in helping wounds heal properly.  Most adults need about 0.001 mg of vitamin K a day.  By eating a well balanced diet, you probably do not need to take additional supplements.

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