Information about vitamin f

Fatty acids, also known as vitamin f, are needed by your body for a healthy immune system and to aid in the growth of cell membranes.  You need vitamin f to regulate your cholesterol levels. 
If you are getting the right about of vitamin f per day, you will notice a healthy skin appearance, and your hair will be healthy and supple.  If you are worried that you may be deficient in fatty acids, you might notice hair loss or eczema, or higher blood pressure.  Be sure to visit your doctor to have your blood pressure and cholesterol levels checked on a regular basis, and more often if levels are abnormally high.
In order to find vitamin f in food sources, try eating foods rich with fatty acids like more grape seed oils, flaxseed oil, soybeans, avocados, or sunflower seeds.  Keep in mind that fatty acids are susceptible to heat and light, so make sure to store your supplements in a cool and dark area.  Combine F3 with other vitamins like B3, B, C and E for maximum benefits.

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