More information about centrum vitamins

When choosing your vitamins, why not select a brand you can trust, like centrum vitamins?  The selection of Centrum vitamins comes in daily essentials, multivitamins for children and adults, and other nutritional supplements.  You can either buy this brand online or search for a store near you that carries it.
Adult multivitamins come in tablets or chewables, and some have lycopene added.  Lycopene is an anti-oxidant that helps protect the body and organs against free radicals like pollution.  Free radicals cause damage to cells.  If you are looking for adult Centrum vitamins, you can choose from regular, performance, silver, or carb assist.  Check the label or call the company to confirm they are not synthetic. 
Centrum also makes a line of children’s’ Centrum vitamins.  Kids vitamins come in themes like Rugrats or Jimmy Neutron.  Some formulas have extra vitamin C while others have extra calcium.  Centrum’s children’s’ vitamins provide more vitamins and minerals than other leading brands.  Visit the Centrum website for printable coupons to save even more on your purchases.

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