More great information on vitamin deficiencies

If you are one of the many people who are worried about vitamin deficiencies, you may want to visit your doctor and ask if you should be adding any kind of supplements to your diet.  Some vitamin deficiencies can be helped by eating certain foods, while other deficiencies might benefit from use of a daily mineral or herbal pill.  Your best bet for taking care of your health, is to do your research on the signs and symptoms associated with a vitamin deficiency and try adding a supplement to your diet.
There are several common vitamin deficiencies found in the human population.  A vitamin A deficiency might show up with symptoms like allergies, dry skin, fatigue, insomnia, or sinus trouble.  Those deficient in vitamin B complex may have high cholesterol, depression, anxiety, or hypertension.
Every vitamin in the spectrum aids in supporting certain body functions and maintaining healthy organs.  Certain vitamin deficiencies may be caused by a lack of certain foods within your diet.  Check to see which vitamins are found in which foods, and ask your health care professional or nutritionist which vitamins you should be taking.

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