vitamin d and calcium absorption

When considering vitamin d and calcium absorption, most people are unaware that vitamin D will actually aid in the absorption of calcium throughout the intestine.  The benefits of vitamin d and calcium absorption include keeping your bones and teeth strong.  This is especially beneficial for older people who suffer bone deterioration with age.
There are many ways to get vitamin D in your diet, including drinking lots of milk fortified with vitamin D and being exposed to sunlight, which causes the skin to produce the vitamin.  To keep a healthy level of vitamin d and calcium absorption, make sure you get the recommended daily allowance of 400 international units of vitamin D.
If you are deficient in vitamin d and calcium absorption, you may be noticing weakness, depression, and even calcium deposits in your kidneys or blood vessels.  You can also eat foods like fatty fish and fish oils, egg yolks, and butter to add more vitamin D to your diet.  Ask your nutritionist or doctor what is right for your dietary needs.  Your bones and teeth will thank you!

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