vitamin b deficiency

If you are concerned about a vitamin b deficiency, you might want to consider taking a vitamin B complex supplement.  Most people find that if they have a vitamin b deficiency, they are not deficient in just one of the B vitamins, but in several of the forms of vitamin B. 
When choosing to treat a vitamin b deficiency, consider using whole food supplements instead of synthetic ones.  Our bodies are made to recognize naturally occurring vitamins and minerals, and the long-term use of synthetic vitamins may cause toxicity or depletion of essential nutrients in your body.
If you have a vitamin b deficiency, you may be eating too much sugar, refined flours, alcohol, or processed foods, and you may have other life factors such as stress or illness.  Signs of a deficiency include, but are not limited to: mood swings, anxiety, fatigue, digestive problems, acne, headaches, insomnia, constipation or diarrhea, and mild to severe depression.  Consult your health care provider to see if a B complex might benefit your health. 

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