vitamin a deficiency

Are you worried that you may be suffering from a vitamin a deficiency?  500,000 children lose their site every year because of a vitamin a deficiency.  Other health risks are involved with this deficiency such as an increased occurrence of severe illnesses from common childhood diseases like measles.
The first fat-soluble vitamin to be discovered was Vitamin A.  The occurrence of vitamin a deficiency is prevalent in developing countries, but can also be found among sick, elderly, and malnourished Americans.
Signs to look for if you are thinking that you are suffering a vitamin a deficiency include: dry skin, brittle fingernails, and dry skin.  You may also be showing signs of a decreased resistant to infections.  People with lower intestinal diseases like IBD or cholestasis, should consume and adequate amount of vitamin a per day.  Check with your doctor or health care provider to find out what the recommended daily amount of vitamin a is best for your body.

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