Vitamin a

You may be wondering what is a good source of vitamin a for your diet, and what the risks are for a vitamin a deficiency.  You can get this vitamin from fruits and vegetables, especially from darker-green vegetables and deeper yellow fruits and vegetables. 
You can also get vitamin a from other food sources like fats and oils, eggs, dairy products, and meats, poultry and fish.  Check your nutrition label to see if you are getting the recommended daily allowance for your age and weight.
You may wonder why you need vitamin a in your body.  This fat-soluble vitamin promotes the growth of healthy hair, skin and supports your mucous membranes.  Most Americans over the age of 20 consume adequate amounts of vitamin a in their diets, as long as they are eating a healthy and well balanced diet.  To preserve vitamins in foods like fruits and vegetables, eat them raw, as the cooking process can boil away many essential vitamins.

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