Inosine and vitamin supplements

If you are one of the many athletes looking for inosine and vitamin supplements, you might want to consider a program or daily regimen that is right for your body type.  The wide variety of inosine and vitamin supplements on the market today gives you real choices to make with your diet.
You might be wondering what inosine and vitamin supplements can do for your health, and what dosages you should be taking.  Inosine is a nucleoside, which helps support the cells in the body.  It is used in connection with multiple sclerosis, and can be found in brewer’s yeast and organ meats.
When deciding if inosine and vitamin supplements are right for you, you may want to look at health studies, which show that there is no significant benefit from taking inosine.  The regular dosage used by athletes is 5,000-6,000 mg per day.  Because inosine is not an essential nutrient for the body’s functions, you cannot be deficient in it.  Studies show that inosine has not improved athletic performance and may actually impair it.

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